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If you have a dog or a cat or any other pet, you probably love them and they are a very important member of your family. Truffles, my lovely Labrador, is always around. I love to have her lying on the sofa next to me. However, there is a great proportion of the population who don't like animals, or who just don't like them at home, and even less sleeping on the couch. In fact, there will be many potential buyers who won’t book a viewing if they would see any traces of pets in the house.


You need to make sure that your home doesn’t put any of your potential buyers off because of your pet. So, what could you do with your pet? Your best option is to leave them with a neighbor or a friend for a couple of hours. Or take them to your car, just make sure that your car is at a shadow, and leave the windows opened at least 20 cm. Also, you could send your children to walk the dog. Don’t forget to hide any pieces of evidence of your pet such as litter trays, pet food, dog beds, cat toys, etc.


You might think that you only want to sell your home to another pet lover, however, the point of selling your home is to get as much money as possible for it. Don’t limit your market to people who loved animals or people who are likeminded to you. Let your viewers have the chance to fall in love with your house, and you will see how your beloved pets will have a new home soon too.