RE/MAX Sales & Lettings

Estate agents will usually arrange viewings in advance to let you enough time to you to be ready. However, it can happen that you got a call from your estate agent for an urgent viewing which you wouldn't want to miss. We've stated our top 10 tips for when you need to make your house shine for viewing within an hour. 


1. Grab a washing basket and go room by room picking up anything which doesn’t belong there such as dirty clothes, shoes, toys, paperwork. Once you have everything collected, chuck everything into the boot of your car, out of sight.


2. Swap the towels in your bathroom for fresh ones. It would be great to get some new matching towels and reserve them, especially for viewings.


3. Make up the master bedroom. Again, it's highly recommendable to get a new bedding and some matching cushions and keep them only for viewings. You don’t need to change the bedding, you can just put them over your usual ones.


4. Open your windows to let some fresh air into your house. If it’s too cold, do it only for a few minutes.