RE/MAX Sales & Lettings

When properties on sale are advertised, the first picture that the ad shows is a front-facing shot of the property. Having a welcoming and warm house front is essential to making a great first impression. However, after those cold months of winter, our front garden has started to look a wee wild. There is so much to do, and we may don’t even know where to start. We present you these 4 steps to leave your garden ready for the photo shots.


1 Picture the perfect frontage

Go out and stand facing your home. Position yourself in a spot from where you can see your whole garden a front side of the property and take a picture. Check that photo and note down everything that might take your attention from the house. Is your fence rusty? Maybe your windows need to be clean? Or does your door need a fresh lick of paint? It might be helpful if you send the picture to friends or family as they might spot things you might overlook.